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Harmonychain, said that it is already preparing a market for the potential ICO token forward IRON as an interesting contract for trading the underlying iron ore assets that collateralize the ICO.

«We have already registered IRON and NICKEL on the ERC20 blockchain»  said Bjorn Zachrisson, CEO of Harmonychain AS, «and we are looking into ways to distribute the tokens and have them tradable on reputable token exchanges».


The Norwegian mining company Element ASA is also planning to conduct a contemplated ICO that will differ from other token sales.

«experts and analysts believe that in the future, companies and startups will have to offer something additional for their ICOs in order to attract investments.»  Blockchain solutions, IP and pat.pend. licence deal with Harmonychain TOA signed.

Harmonychain has been named a partner in this venture.

It seems there will be two coins tentatively called “iron” and “nickel”, although their official names and tickers may change moving forward.

Element partnered with Harmonychain for the upcoming potential ICO, a blockchain-driven tech play with pending distributed ledger technology patents.

If the ICO goes ahead, it could attract hedge fund traders who are interested in hedging with iron ore or nickel ore. Other investors may simply want to hold an asset-backed cryptocurrency, which removes some of the risk from the cryptocurrency equation given the the tokens are backed by underlying physical assets.

Element ASA signs Terms of Agreement with Harmonychain

Element ASA signs Terms of Agreement (TOA) with Harmonychain AS to explore initiation of an Initial Coin Offering (‘ICO’) of asset-backed digital tokens based on blockchain technology.

Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook will now introduce payment directly from their browsers in Crypto Currencies

It will be easy to pay with Crypto Currencies in the next browsers from these companies.  Click the link above for more details.

A virtual currency initiative led by UBS Group AG has gained six new members, including banks Credit Suisse and Barclays

Other members joining the roster, announced yesterday, include HSBC Holdings, State Street Corp., Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

The market value of Crypto Currencies now above 170 Billion $

Interesting numbers in the Blockchain Financial Disrupting Technology.

The Unparalleled Explosion in Cryptocurrencies

IBM expects 65 percent of major banks to be using blockchain technology in some fashion within the next 2 years

This is simply put a technological revolution.

9 out of 10 government organizations have suggested that they will be using blockchain technology by the year 2018.

The blockchain will change society the next 20 years as much as the internet has in the last 20 years.

Bitcoin Market Cap Crosses $100 Billion Mark As BTC Price Surges

Bloomberg reports that in spite of making new copies of Bitcoin blockchain, the market capitalization is still rising.

Switzerland’s regulators approves Blockchain

  • Falcon Private Bank said Wednesday it received approval from a Swiss regulator to offer bitcoin products.
  • This is the first time the Swiss regulator has done so.
  • The decision could pave the way for other global regulators to approve bitcoin products.

Crypto Currencies to Take Over Most Payments in the Future

They are perfectly suited for the way Millennials shop, according to article on Yahoo Finance.

Bitcoin split

  • August 1: Bitcoin tokens was split in 2 tokens, Bitcoin Cash tokens and Bitcoin SegWit tokens
  • Those that had Bitcoin, now get 1 of each

Singapore Startup Takes Bitcoin Into Real World With Visa

  • TenX’s Visa prepaid card converts digital currencies to cash
  • The company has raised $80 million through a token sale


Trader made $200 million

trading Ethereum. Blockchain Transparency will include Tax Authorities in the future.

Governments and the Banks want to eliminate Cash

The illusion of banks being safe should have been shattered after the 2008 crisis. Visa pays hefty bonuses to shops eliminating cash. In the future, the Blockchain will be a game changer.

World Economic Forum released a breakthrough report

on June 28. to business about «realizing the potential of the Blockchain: WEF-Realizing-Potential-Blockchain

IRON Smart Metal-Ether Contracts is ready to launch.

Etherum price volatility shows that the Ethereum investors are well in positive territory the last couple of years.

Japan passed a law to accept Crypto Currency

Bitcoin as legal payment method. Bitcoin value rises over $1 billion.

Bitcoin’s share of Crypto Currency Market drops below 50 %.

Big banks

are staffing up  for Blockchain.

Blockchain is perfect for creating energy markets

In New York City micro Solar Electricity producers are allready using the Blockchain.

Token Status raised over $100 million

In less than 3 hours.